Weekly Meal plan 2/1/16

01. February 2016 meal planning 0

It’s February!!

For me, that means we are just a liiiiiiitle bit closer to spring and flowers and warmer weather (even though this winter has beeen very mild).

Last week’s meal plan went belly up mid-week as my cold progressed into bronchitis (yuck). My boys took great care of me, but when Mama is down, the whole operation suffers. To that end, I have NOTHING in my pantry or fridge. I’ll probably spend most of my day grocery shopping!

I did get my super duper 7-in-1 Instant Pot last week and made a quick chicken Pho in under an HOUR. I was amazed (and actually got both boys to taste the broth! WIN!) I’m looking forward to trying out more recipes to see how to best fit this magic machine in my life. Superbowl is Sunday and I hope to share some of my favorite appetizers and try out a few new ones!

Soup: Mama’s Chicken Soup (by request)

Baked: ? I’d like to whip up a batch of freezer cookies but we’ll see how this week shakes out

Monday-(Practice) InstantPot Macaroni & Cheese (trying this recipe) & steamed veg medley

Tuesday-(Game) Soup & Sammies

Wednesday- Beef & Veggie Stir Fry w/ rice

Thursday-(Game) Trying my hand at Pho again…

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- InstantPot Pork Carnitas (trying this recipe), slow cooker refried beans & baked mexican rice

Sunday- Superbowl!



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